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Chicken Exporter in India

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Chicken Exporter in India

Super chicken is the frozen meat exporter and supplier company situated in Delhi in India. It has many items for export including frozen chicken and mutton to all over the world. Super Chicken supply good quality chicken meat at economic wholesale price with maintaining hygiene conditions. Company has many products available to export like raw chicken, chicken boneless, raw mutton, frozen meat, lamb boneless, and many other products. We also known as frozen chicken manufacturers in India.
Products We Export:


We have the advance processing plants with modern techniques, along with skilled staff to ensure quality products prepared in the healthy and hygienic environment.

List of frozen chicken products:

Chicken Whole : 700 gms - 2 kg (OR any size)
Chicken whole with skin (dressed chicken)
Chicken without skin
Drumsticks (leg piece) with or without skin
Chicken full Leg
Chicken Thigh boneless
Chicken Breast boneless
Liver, Gizzard, Heart and Neck
Chicken Wings
Chicken feet
Chicken bone

List of frozen Mutton or lamb products

Mutton / lamb whole
Mutton / lamb leg (raan)
lamb / mutton boneless
Mutton / lamb chaap
Mutton / lamb liver
Mutton lamb shank


Chicken export Industry in India

Farmers have been taking this business as a cash crop in India and taking benefits out of it, though local domestic demand as well as export. Chicken export business in India has been growing very fast for last two decades. Due to this increased demand of meat in India and world, Govt of India has been providing guidance and financial support to poultry farmers and processing plant owners and upcoming projects planners. Indian chicken is one of the best quality chickens in World. Exporters in India export chicken and mutton around the world. So the poultry farming assumed as the future business of India.

Frozen chicken manufacturers in India

The number of frozen chicken manufacturers in India increasing day by day. Food manufacturing business is becoming famous and more people are entering into this growing industry. Frozen chicken price are comparatively low in India than other countries. The quality of meat is also good in India. Mutton demand is also increasing through out the world, so start a small goat farm is also a profitable venture.




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We sell only Halal meat


We supply wholesale chicken in Delhi and NCR at your doorstep, order chicken before 24 hour to serve you better, You can also order chicken at wholesale rates on urgent basis at any time,We also make contract for one year



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