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April - 2016: boneless Thigh-340, Boneless chest-220, Tangri-M-180,C-200, Wings-220, Leg-280, Loly-240, whole-165, Tandoori-145

18 April - 2016: boneless Thigh-330, Boneless chest-190, Tangri-M-160,C-170, Wings-210, Leg-280, Loly-250, whole-165, Tandoori-140

April - 2016: boneless Thigh-300, Boneless chest-200, Tangri-M-150,C-160, Wings-200, Leg-280, Loly-220, whole-160, Tandoori-140

March - 2016: boneless Thigh-210, Boneless chest-130, Tangri-M-120,C-130, Wings-110, Leg-160, Loly-180, whole-120, Tandoori-110

Feb - 2016: boneless Thigh-220, Boneless chest-130, Tangri-M-120,C-130, Wings-120, Leg-160, Loly-180, whole-130, Tandoori-120

Jan - 2016: boneless Thigh-250, Boneless chest-140, Tangri-M-130,C-140, Wings-120, Leg-160, Loly-180, whole-130, Tandoori-120

Dec. 5 - 2015: boneless Thigh-240, Boneless chest-240, Tangri-M-220,C-190, Wings-220, Leg-220, Loly-220, whole-220, Tandoori-130

Nov. 4 - 2015: boneless Thigh-220, Boneless chest-200, Tangri-M-150,C-160, Wings-180, Leg-180, Loly-220, whole-220, Tandoori-125

October 4 - 2015: boneless Thigh-240, Boneless chest-210, Tangri-M-140,C-160, Wings-160, Leg-210, Loly-200, whole-135, Tandoori-120

September 14 - 2015: boneless Thigh-220, Boneless chest-180, Tangri-M-140,C-160, Wings-140, Leg-180, Loly-190, whole-128, Tandoori-110

September 10- 2015: boneless Thigh-220, Boneless chest-180, Tangri-M-150,C-160, Wings-150, Leg-185, Loly-200, whole-128, Tandoori-110

September 3- 2015: boneless Thigh-220, Boneless chest-180, Tangri-M-150,C-160, Wings-150, Leg-185, Loly-200, whole-128, Tandoori-110

June,3- 2015: boneless Thigh-330, Boneless chest-225, Tangri-M-180,C-180, Wings-188, Leg-258, Loly-228, whole-170, Tandoori-180

June,1- 2015: boneless Thigh-288, Boneless chest-215, Tangri-M-158,C-180, Wings-188, Leg-238, Loly-228, whole-170, Tandoori-170


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